May 10, 2019


Throughout the past couple of years we have had the honor and privilege to work with some real life world changers. Across many different industries and sizes of businesses, we get the beautiful privilege of talking to business owners and their teams about why they exist, what they are doing for others, and how they want to see their impact grow in the future.

These businesses are changing lives, changing families, and changing communities. They are beautifying our city-scapes and introducing services that the world has been crying out for. They see a problem and offer a solution. Their entrepreneurial pursuits seem as if they are seeking to restore, help, build, and grow the ones that they see in need. They love what they do and they do what they love and we are so grateful they took that leap of faith – whether it was just putting a toe in the water or diving head first into the deep end. Their forward movement into risk is amazing.

Today we want to take you on a little Char co. time machine and show off some of the people who are doing purposeful work every day. We partnered with them in the infancy of Story and their role in our lives has greatly impacted our own journey. So scroll on through, we hope you leave this post a little more inspired to chase after the big dreams, the small dreams and all the ones in between.

The Chris and Claude Co.

Real estate agents, renovators, and home makers – this husband and wife duo and their incredible team are changing the landscape of Lancaster. Everything they touch turns to gold and their very presence is an inspiration to dream bigger and think outside of the box we were once so comfortable in. Whether they are renovating a space, staging a home, or just updating their website – this team serves people and its community with an unbelievable courage, a lot of intention and do not forget how to have fun in the process.

Three Strands

When this business came to us, we needed educated on what a doula even was and after working alongside of them and seeing their impact on mothers and families, we knew that more people should know about the work of a doula as well. Three Strands offers a variety of services to serve mamas and their families. They believe strongly in the role of a mother and beautifully nurture them, so they can nurture others. They offer not only services to lighten the load, inform or equip, they also offer a community that does the same. It takes a village and Three Strands is living this out in the most authentic and purposeful way.

Half Dozen Cafe

Half Dozen is bakery and cafe located in Redding, PA. They are intentional and purposeful about creating and making cafe eats and treats that are made of whole ingredients and give people who have dietary restrictions the ability to fully enjoy a moment without sacrificing the taste of their favorite birthday dessert or morning market craving. Half Dozen stewards health and happiness in an infectious way. Sprinkling joy in the lives of others and giving everyone they can the chance to say YUMM!

These are just a few of the clients we get to work with. They have made an impact on our lives as well as the lives of many others. We call it an honor to have partnered with them and cannot wait to see where their big dreams and bold moves take them.

We will continue to share our clients purposeful work with you throughout the rest of the year! In the meantime, scroll through their instagrams, check out their websites, or visit them in person. These businesses are the real deal.

words by hailey – brand strategist

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