May 17, 2019


CHAR co was born out of a desire to be part of something bigger than myself, pull out the authentic in others in a way they never saw before, and create beauty while doing so. While the business has evolved over the years, the same heartbeat still remains at our core.

These principles were more intuition than intention back then. Today they require intentionality and focus. Here’s how we keep these principles alive and humming today.

Being part of something Bigger than ourselves:

Our why is wrapped around believing in business and organizations. They create opportunity, revitalize, and propel communities forward. They give back to society in many ways. It’s an honor to come alongside businesses and organizations and help them reach their full potential with brand experience strategy. We remind ourselves that meetings, designs, and strategy sessions impact more people than the person sitting across the table.

Pulling out the Authentic:

Business is people. It is understanding and serving people like you and I. By actively listening, practicing empathy, and reflecting back to others their own greatness; we create space for others to step into what could be. There is nothing that makes our team happier than seeing our client’s eyes light up when they see their possibilities.

Creating beauty:

People are drawn to beauty. A design that shines, a brand that creates joy, great color tones, a genuine smile, an eloquent logo, a store front that welcomes, all touchpoints telling the same story. All this says “we care” and creates experience others don’t forget. It’s magnetic. At the core of who CHAR co is today, we shape brand experiences that are vibrant and rich.

Business is being aware of what is now and building for what is next. It is courage, generosity, tenacity and vision. It is being in the weeds of the daily while not losing sight of the big picture. Business is hard and business is beautiful. We love partnering with business and organizations by building brand experiences that are authentic, gorgeous, and impact many.

words by char – founder & ceo

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