May 24, 2019


One of our favorite parts of working with other businesses is the honor of supporting and cheering them on in their journey. And whether you’re a bakeshop, a bike manufacturer, a dog groomer, or a restaurant supporting customers well is possible and necessary for all sorts of business. 

So how do we do it? How do we show the people who support us that we also support them? There’s a few simple things that can show how much we care. 

  1. Recognize the problem and present the solution – All products or services are selling a solution to a problem, whether big or small. A cup of coffee solves the problem of lack of energy. A car wash solves the problem of a dirty car. A plane ticket to Italy solves the problem of feeling restless or needing an escape. The problems our products or services solve are many and can be both simple and complex. Regardless, the simple act of recognizing what your customers “problems” are and then offering a smart and care-filled solution shows that you understand and are here to help.
  2. Deliver an amazing experience – People will buy the things that make them feel good, and this goes beyond what we sell. Often as consumers we buy from brands that offer not just the cool product but also the most enjoyable experience. Having an incredible brand experience in all areas supports a lifestyle and feeling that our target audience desires. 
  3. Keep cheering people on – Who doesn’t love to be encouraged and who doesn’t love another person coming alongside of them? Supporting and cheering people on is not just something that we can offer in our personal lives, it is something that we can offer in business! Creatively and uniquely support, encourage and cheer on people through what you sell or do. We promise that this is one of the most fulfilling things you can do and in turn it causes a ripple effect that changes the world at large! 

words by lindsay – project manager

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