May 31, 2019


Welcome back to our Team Journal Series!

We got personal with our team in this blog post – we share our likes, things that describe our ideal perfect day, and what it looks like for each person to feel satisfied during a day at work. Enjoy hearing the team’s thoughts this week!


early mornings. rain drops on windows. new books. baby smiles. a brand experience that makes me gush. -char, founder & ceo

summer nights. saturday morning market runs with bae. mac n cheese. backyard lights. the middle of a good workout. puppy snugs. -hailey, brand strategist

hearing cows walk in the meadow. watermelon. the smell of summer. sun. white sneakers. filling free time with people. happy songs. yard games. trying new things. – cherish, social strategist

slow cozy mornings with a cup of coffee, making playlists, peanut butter dark chocolate desserts, dancing around the kitchen at dinnertime, rooftop and mountaintop views – lindsay, project manager

laughing with my children. books I can’t put down. thoughtful surprises. sincere words of kindness. fresh flowers on my table. – leslie, writer

summertime. coffee. travel. being by the water. thrift shopping. creating playlists. tacos. – julia, content designer

an afternoon snorkeling. vintage matchbooks. dark chocolate with sea salt. weather above 70 degrees. the smell of lily of the valley. – jena, art director

2. three words that describe the perfect day.

productive. laughter. collaboration. – char, founder & ceo

sunny. relaxing. fun – hailey, brand strategist

beach. laughter. family. – cherish, social strategist

laughter. sunshine. relaxation. – lindsay, project manager

books. rain. coffee. – leslie, writer

outdoors. adventure. community. – julia, content designer  

relaxed. exploratory. spent with someone I love.– jena, art director

3. a satisfying day at work looks like…

team working together creating something we are proud of with a deep sense of purpose interwoven throughout! – char, founder & ceo

a day that is out and about meeting clients in their spaces. If food is involved that is even better. -hailey, brand strategist

full of creativity and completing a project you put your heart into. – cherish, social strategist

a satisfying workday is when lists are checked off, projects are moving forward, and there’s time to spare for a nice sunny lunch or cozy coffee break – lindsay, project manager

when I have the freedom to create something that feels completely satisfying to my soul…that’s a good day. -leslie, writer

a satisfying work day for me includes creative tasks that get me up from my desk and being able to cross off my to do list for the day! -julia, content designer

if I can solve a tough design problem and get that sweet feeling of relief, that is the ultimate “satisfying work day”! -jena, art director

We hope you enjoyed hearing from our team and getting to know us a little better! Comment below to let us know what you’d love to hear from us for future journals!

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