August 22, 2014


Hey friends! It is Friday and along with that good day of the week, I am happy to introduce to you all our newest team member, Claire! A beautiful soul with a lovely heart…throw in a little kindness and wisdom and whole lot of good humor…and well, that is Claire! Oh yes, and she is pretty amazing behind the camera too. It has been incredible getting to know this fine person and I am excited to continue working by her side. Claire has been and will continue photographing CHAR co weddings. I am excited for her vision with this and know she is going to be an incredible blessing to the team. As always, I am so grateful.



1. I’m married to an Italian from Long Island. He has introduced this Central PA girl to foods that make my heart sing.
2.¬† I’m one of 3 girls. My older sister has 4 girls. I’m preparing to have my 3rd. My younger has one baby…of course a girl. 8 granddaughters on my side, 7 on his. No boys anywhere.
3. One of the best vacations I’ve ever taken was when my husband and I (prior to children) traveled to The Netherlands and stayed with close friends who took us on a bike ride down the Amstel River, right past a windmill that Rembrandt painted.
4. I love coffee. I love friends. I love coffee with friends.
5. There is nothing better than sharing a good meal with the people you love. That’s my favorite type of entertainment.
6. The Spring is my favorite time of year. I hate the winter because of the cold. I.mean.hate.
7. I love fashion. That doesn’t necessarily translate to my real life, but I love a great outfit, a great pair of shoes, and a beautiful purse.
8. I often day dream of the day when my kids are old enough to go on a fabulous vacation with us to Montana or Wyoming, stay in a beautiful log home in the mountains, and we get to hike, bike, and boat together. I do none of these things currently.
9. My favorite job is being a stay-at-home mom. Love to hang out in my jammies with my kids and find fun things to do together throughout the day.
10. I love a good story. I mean a really good one. One that makes you laugh or cry, but it always has to end with a happy ending.
11. Bonus fact! I split my pints almost biannually.¬†Truly. I’m known for that.

Thanks Claire!

One more thing, tomorrow our team is going to Terrain to be part of their Heirloom Tomato Festival. If you like inspiration and all things garden and lots of pretty…join us tomorrow for this fun event!

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