August 6, 2015


Early mornings are magical and a just a bit sacred to me. My day starts at 5am with a mug of french press coffee. I step outside outside and breath in that sweet morning air. I watch the sun beams shoot thru the trees and dance on our backyard creek. I ask for wisdom and remind myself how blessed I am. The fresh start to another day feels like a gift and I am aware that it is mine to use with joy and intentionality. When time allows and my husband is home to stay with the sleeping kids, a early morning run truly makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Quietness feeds my soul. Allowing time for quiet in those sweet morning hours sets the tone for my entire day.


Along with quiet time, a nutritional is breakfast so important for a happy mind and lasting energy. Breakfast has always been a favorite meal of mine. There is no better way to prepare a tasty breakfast than with Hatchery. When Hatchery sent us several of their tasting boxes, our team was so excited to prepare a breakfast that would get anybody’s day off to a beautiful start. The best part? All of Hatchery’s goodies are small batch ingredients sourced by independent makers from around the country. Hatchery says it best….”We designed Hatchery to allow people to break the norm and experience new flavors from the comfort of their own home. Our team travels the country so you don’t have to – sifting through green markets, visiting family farms and traveling dirt roads – in search of the most unique and flavorful ingredients. We’re doing our part to help people discover flavors they would have never discovered on their own.”


For our breakfast in the studio, we used a simple Belgian Buttermilk waffle recipe. We added ingredients from local farms and goodies from Hatchery to make the waffles extra special. Our Everything Bagel Waffle included the flavorful Bagel Shake blend. We added an egg for protein and topped with rosemary and either the Trees Knees Spicy Syrup or the Green Sriracha hot sauce. The Gracefully Greek seasoning was delicious on the eggs.


Our Lavender Honey Waffle included Lavender Extract, local honey, and blackberries. These waffles were topped with Sel Gris Caramel Sauce for delicious sweetness. This sauce would also be amazing stirred into your morning coffee. The Tangerine Marmalade and the Expresso Nut Butter would also be fantastic on top of a waffle drizzled with syrup.


Our team is passionate about makers and we love that Hatchery values the makers behind all their products.


The possibilities of combinations and goodies are endless.


The Tasting Box makes a perfect gift for those in your life that appreciate good food and experiencing new flavors. I love gifts that offer experience.


Take the time to make breakfast extra special and tasty, whether you share the experience through a gift or prepare it for your family.


This special shoot was styled by Emily and photographed by Bethany.

To purchase your own tasting box or goodies, see the Hatchery website. A huge thank-you to Hatchery for these gifts!

  1. Anna says:

    Beautiful! Love this post!

  2. Laurie says:

    May I please ask where your divine blue shirt is from?

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