August 26, 2019


When our team is developing a brand story, we will spend time identifying  the problem the brand is solving.While this seems pretty straight forward, the problem has layers and is at the heartbeat of every business. Every time your customer is deciding to buy from you, they are doing so in response to a ‘problem’ manifesting as a desire, longing, or need. They feel the problem so intensely they are motivated to act and commit funds to it. Without this, there would be no customers. Your customer’s problem is directly connected to the success of your business.

As businesses, it is easy to focus on the surface level problem. Your customers need this and you sell it. Simple, right? But almost always, there is a heart level problem driving the surface level problem. 

As a simple example, Chick-fil-A solves lunchtime stomach rumbles. But even more importantly, Chick-fil-A has figured out how to make me feel great about indulging in fast food for lunch. The second problem is really why I choose Chick-fil-A. I choose Chick-fil-A and now I feel great about myself! Lunch is just an added bonus. 

Identifying the heart level problem requires putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Practice empathy. So much so that you see the world through their eyes and feel the emotion that is driving their decisions. Do a day in their life. Feeeeeel their pain, desires, and longing. Figure out how your product or service becomes just an added bonus to the heart level problem you are solving. 

As businesses, we are here to make the world a better place. It starts with serving our customers in a way that makes their eyes light up. And that is almost always more than a transaction….it is connected to heart.

words by char – founder & ceo

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