August 7, 2015


Also known as deep summer, I love August’s summertime.  The season seems to suggest that laziness is okay, soaking in the last bit of this golden time of year. The colors of nature are deep and rich. The sun sets sooner, the feel of fall just around the corner. We start thinking about getting apples from the orchard for our applesauce day. I want to slow down time…forget for now that school and soccer practice will start in just a few weeks. Fresh peaches, swim days, and evenings outdoor; I want to squeeze all the summertime I can out of these August days.

Reminding our team that summer is moving on, Lindsay and Aubrey said good-bye this week. They were members of our summer intern team. We just loved, loved having them on our team this summer. These girls tackled so many projects, created our senior instagram feed, styled shoots, and brought girlfriend fun to the studio. Here you can see them working hard managing the instagram Closet Sale this past week. Thanks to all that made the closet sale such a huge success!

Lindsay and Aubrey….so much love as you guys head off to college. We will truly miss you! xoxo


Enjoy or recent favorites from the web….

Char: A ‘spending personality’ test that was so right on when I did it!

Kathleen: This place has the best gifts for my man.

Claire: Booties that I want.

Karen: Her recipes make eating healthy look SOOOO good!

Bethany: Recently, I have been finding great inspiration through the websites and works of other creative lives. This website in particular has me eagerly working on my own projects.

Emily: The photographer who just intrigues me. I love her unique eye and mysterious air.

Lindsay: Assembling this terrarium kit looks like so much fun!

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