March 24, 2018


What is a timeless brand and how can it be achieved? Does timeless mean a simple logo? A neutral color scheme? A lasting product? How can you ensure your brand finds lasting success in a rapidly changing world?

We’ve seen this pattern in brands that have stood the test of time. Businesses such as Nike, Gap, CocaCola, Disney, and many other well loved companies, have remained relatable – connecting to their customer regardless of changing visual or marketing trends. Logos, websites, photography, ad campaigns, and even product lines can always be altered to keep up with what is “in”, but a brand that has lasting value seamlessly keeps up with trends because they have a firm foundation. They know who they are and they do it well.

So how can you create a timeless brand? Consider the following .. (and in the spirit of good teaching technique and memorization practices, I’ll keep the points to a singular letter – “T”)

Tell your tale, take your tribe, and tackle the trends ::

1. Tell your tale

It is important to know who you are as a brand. This starts with digging deep. Determine your values, your culture, and your heartbeat. Operating out of a solid identity will give you the clarity to move forward in confidence. Once you know the foundation of your brand, every decision you make will reflect who you say you are – your “tale”.

2. Take your tribe

Know who you serve. Once you determine the people you want to reach, you have to bring them on your journey. After all, without them buying your product or service, you would quickly disappear. Have understanding and empathy for your customer so that you can make them feel valued. A truly valued customer becomes a lifelong customer. Consider them in every decision you make.

3. Tackle the trends

Staying current in visual, marketing, and business trends gives you an advantage. Intentionally spend time researching not only the latest, but also the up and coming trends. While a good brand spends time building a firm foundation, if it is not expressed in the tangible or visual realm, then you may lose the exact people you are wanting to reach.

You have what it takes to step forward in confidence when you know who you are, who you serve, and what is current in the marketplace. You are so ready to step into long lasting business success. We believe it.

This April we are holding a Brand Experience Workshop that will help you do just that – build a successful and thriving brand that creates a real connection with your ideal client! We really believe in the power of small businesses; the power they have to impact the communities around them and make a huge difference in this world. This three part series will lay the groundwork for your brand and give you the tools to move forward with ease; creating a compelling brand experience and thriving business. Want to know more?? Head on over to our workshop page to see all the details and claim your seat!!

words by lindsay – project manager

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