August 28, 2018


Sometimes explaining what we do can be hard, because it is so much more than just branding and marketing. In fact, our entire goal is to use what we do to change communities by simply helping the businesses in those communities. Because we tailor our services to each business, the end product looks different from client to client. But whether we are designing websites, a logo, photo shoot, or brand experience, we always start our branding process with an all day hands on workshop.

These workshop days are really fun for our team. We get to know our clients, their team, and ultimately their future brand. The day is full of unearthing all the potential that lies inside a business and we leave feeling so inspired by the people we get to sit at a table with. So today, we are diving into what those workshop days look like and hopefully can answer a couple questions you might have!

We start with EDUCATION

We believe that brand development is only effective if our clients have tools to walk it out when we wrap up a project. So with that in mind, we start every workshop by defining what a successful brand is, how it functions, and why it matters. This is so important to start with as a foundation!


Followed by QUESTIONS

We go through in depth questions to fully understand the inner workings of a brand. These questions are specifically chosen to pull the heart of the business to the surface, unpacking all the good that will then be interpreted and communicated to the end user. This question/answer dialogue is unfiltered, real, and always gives our teams true gems to work with.


And lots of EXERCISES

Throughout the day we dive into hands on exercises that identify brand themes. These themes are key to brand development. Exercises bring out the unique identity that lies within a business and provides our team the information needed to build a brand that resonates both with our client and with their customers.

If brand development is your next step, but you are not ready to jump into an entire branding package, we are offering a workshop this fall that will walk you through the same process we use with our clients. With a DIY approach to the workshop, we give you the tools to build a brand blueprint that can be used to grow your business and communicate with your customers and clients effectively and authentically. Want to know more? Check it out HERE!

words by hailey – story strategist

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