November 23, 2018


Values have been on our mind a lot recently. This whole month we have been diving in to the role that values play in branding and we wanted to continue the conversation since they can and should play a leading role of brand development.

Building your brand and living out your values does not happen in two separate spaces or two separate file folders, or even two separate brainstorming meetings. The two work side by side one feeding the other – always.

So, what’s the role of values in your brand story journey and why on earth do we spend an absurd amount of time discovering and defining them? 

  1. Values matter. But not just your run of the mill, we stick em’ on a poster and call it a day values. The values we are talking about are the ones that drive your culture, that are never left behind, and will continually keep your brand honest. 
  2. Values affect your business culture and business culture should be the source of your brand culture (we aren’t into slapping a pretty sticker on a not so pretty process or product).
  3. We don’t believe in branding without a base. if you don’t know who, or why, or what – close out of InDesign, push pause on the advertising, and say yes to internal brand development. It’s a process, it’s a journey, it will cost you something, but the return will pay dividends.

When we begin every branding project, we always begin with values. We never want to create something for the sake of creating or for the sake of just dollars alone. We know that results, revenue, and growth will come when we build brands that are a true reflection of businesses that are not afraid to fully engage with their people and grow a business that can be trusted. 

To read more on how customers are now longing to connect to something deeper than just a product or service and what values have to do that, check out this blog post.

words by hailey – brand strategist

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