January 3, 2019


Well, we laughed, fought, cried and ultimately served our way through 2018. Some days and projects went accordingly to plan – all neat and tied up in a handmade bow. And other days went wildly awry causing us to question our abilities, outfit choices, relationships and vision.

But isn’t that what makes this life fantastic? It’s this journey of normal, every action mixed in with wildly unexpected occurrences. Recognizing our incredible human potential yet being reminded to stay humble.

So, we’re ready for 2019 – and all of the promises it holds. Henry David Thoreau famously states “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” After pausing for reconciliation and celebration over the break, it’s time to energetically move into a new year and a new plan.

Yet, for us to fully grab ahold of those promises, we need to be intentional, outline a plan and clearly communicate our goals. Again, and again and again throughout 2019. For sure, our best laid plans may be interrupted, however, years of data point to the immense power and importance of crafting a plan. As you begin, here are some of our favorite tips:

1. Identify actionable goals.
Broad goals are more ideas than goals. Stake claim to your goals, assign a team to them and be specific in what you are working to accomplish.
a. Actionable: Increase profitability from 2% to 5% in 2019
b. Not Actionable: Increase profitability

2. Schedule time each week for planning to live out your goals.
Identify what days and time of day allow you to focus and think clearly. Some plans may require visionary thinking while others such as a project schedule, require detailed planning.

3. Think through the impact to team culture.
Do your 2019 plans allow for the team to work in their strengths 80% of the time? Think through how the team be included in the planning so that we can continue to lead and be innovative and serve our clients well.

We hope your 2019 will be filled with the freedom and joy that comes from planning well!

words by heather – chief operating officer

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