June 21, 2019


The shift in values and perspective from one generation to the next is fascinating. The shift often causes a rub between generations and one has a tough time valuing the differences in the other. The shift affects us in many ways; branding and business being one of them. How my grandpa did business is a whole lot different than how my children will make buying decisions.

Checkout this overview of how times have changed:

  • 1950 – 1960’s – Industrial Age: Value was created by working with our hands. Workers created products and services that were consumed.
  • 1970 – early 2000’s – Information economy: We began using our heads to create value. Computers and technology changed became a way of life and changed what we paid money for. Information became valuable.
  • Today – Meaning Economy: We are seeing a powerful shift towards the meaning economy, where brands that thrive are the ones that enable us to work with our hands,  heads and hearts.  

We see the Meaning Economy thriving in many ways today through things such as B-corporations, instagram personalities, and brands that responsibly source products. It will be interesting to see how the Meaning Economy continues to evolve. I expect “meaning” is going to become something even deeper and more authentic – along with an expectation of brands to be doing good for all mankind, not just their customers. Society has less and less grace for a brand face that does not reflect authentic heart.

At CHAR Co, we have the privilege to work with brands who work with their hands, head, and heart. Often times the heart is there, but it is not being communicated. Other times the heart is beating strong, but it needs identified. If you have heart and are not communicating it, how can you start telling this story? If heart has not been part of business, how can you start building authentic heart into your brand? The world is waiting for brands to step up and invite them into their heart.

When generations can embrace the shift and move forward together, we all are better for it. While it will continue to evolve, brands with HEART are not going away anytime soon.

words by char – founder & ceo

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