June 28, 2019


Hello summer and hello to our newest team journal! We love getting to connect with you on a more casual level and sharing the little and big things going on in our lives this month. We hope you are enjoying the sunshine, the heat and all that comes with summers arrival. Please enjoy reading our teams thoughts below…

1. My co-workers would say I’m… 

… ummmm I am indecisive, because it is so hard to choose just one! There is my perfectionist problem coming through lol. – char, founder & ceo 

I think my co-workers would say that I’m fun, creative, driven, and organized. -kelly, intern 

Ack! I have no idea…maybe good with words? – leslie, writer 

 A bit of a creative mess, encouraging and smiley. -julia, content designer 

Dependable? – jena, art director

Excited about everything? – cherish, experience strategist

Detailed – lindsay, project manager 

Black and white. – hailey, brand strategist 

2. What is the best choice you’ve made this month? 

Solitude week! Amazing – highly recommend. -char, founder & ceo 

Starting this internship at Char Co is for sure the best choice I’ve made this month! -kelly, intern

To finish what I’ve started and then take the time to celebrate the accomplishment. – leslie, writer 

Traveling to Maine with a group of friends! Camping, exploring new cities and national parks are definitely among my favorite things (: -julia, content designer 

Choosing faith over fear. – jena, art director

To just go on some walks and talks with Jesus outside through fields anndddddd to make freshly squeezed orange juice lol! -cherish, experience strategist 

Since June is the month of summer’s kickoff, I feel like my “best choice” has been more like a bunch of choices – saying yes to any summer plans that pop up, big or small! – lindsay, project manager 

Patio furniture. Sounds lame, but a major summertime game changer. Oh – and making two boxes of mac n’ cheese instead of one – one is just not enough for two people. -hailey, brand strategist 

3. What CHAR co project has been a recent favorite for you? 

Seeing an entire brand experience come to life in a bar and restaurant. That and business development. -char, founder & ceo 

I am loving the heart and designs from the Mansion on Main Organic Salon and Spa. Their logo and color scheme is such a dream! – kelly, intern 

Love seeing the Birch & Beam brand come together. It’s stunning! – leslie, writer 

A recent client photoshoot where we spent the whole day shooting outdoors! -julia, content designer 

Seeing our install of Nitro Bar finally coming to life! – jena, art director

I thoroughly enjoyed the art direction, look & feel, and style for Revolution Jewelry. Working on that project was a delight! – cherish, experience strategist 

We recently launched a new client website! It is so fun to see a concept turn into reality – each detail coming together along the way. – lindsay, project manager 

We just started working with a client and our structure changed a little bit. It is a more consultative approach and we get to spend more time with the client during the story building process. The client is amazing and the set up is great – very personal and inspiring! -hailey, brand strategist 

4. If you weren’t living in Pennsylvania, where would you choose? 

Somewhere, anywhere next to a lake. -char, founder & ceo 

If I weren’t living in PA, I would move to Charlotte, North Carolina or Redding, California. Both reasons having to do with solid churches and community life with other creatives that my husband and I would dream to be a part of. -kelly, intern 

Somewhere in Europe with cobblestone streets, overflowing flower boxes, and a local bakery where the smell of fresh bread floats through the streets each morning. – leslie, writer 

The west coast for sure, anywhere close to both beach’s and the mountains. Huntington Beach, California is definitely high on my list right now! -julia, content designer 

 Ah! Don’t make me choose! Currently I’m craving Hawaii. Endless sunshine, hiking, fish tacos, and snorkeling. – jena, art director

Just got back from california and I keep saying to myself, wait, I don’t live there?? – cherish, experiential strategist

Oh man, that’s hard for me to answer since I’m such a fan of my hometown and being near family and friends. Hmmm, my first thought was maybe a cute coastal town in North Carolina! – lindsay, project manager 

Hmm this one is tough but I think somewhere down south in a town that is right outside a major city that is close to a body of water (not the ocean necessarily) but also close to the mountains. So if this place exists, let me know – sounds like a dream. -hailey, brand strategist 

We hope you enjoyed hearing from our team and getting to know us a little better! Comment below to let us know what you’d love to hear from us for future journals!

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