July 12, 2019

Writing Online Articles That People Will Want to Read

The internet is a huge part of our everyday lives. We do nearly everything by the way of smartphones, laptops, and countless other devices. With all the world at our fingertips, the way we intake and come across information has changed drastically from what it used to be.

Today a major way we stay informed and learn is through online articles. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll mostly click the article with the most intriguing headline and then scan the paragraphs briefly before exiting the page. Hey, maybe you’re currently doing that exact same thing, stick with me ;) 

So how are readers viewing our online content and what can we do differently to ensure our articles are user friendly for our viewers?

1. Create Engaging Titles

People make very fast decisions about what they choose to read online. That’s why a compelling and informative title is important. Keep your title true to the content of the article yet exciting enough to bring people in. 

2. Keep important content toward the top

According to this article, only 10-20% of viewers are making it to the bottom of your page. This means that the content that most people will catch will be on the top of the page. If there’s an important message you need to get across in your post, be sure to say it sooner rather than later. 

3. Make your content bite-size and visually interesting

It’s true that design plays a huge role in readability. Keep your readers eye engaged and less overwhelmed by separating bite-size sentences with spaces, making headlines bold, or calling out important quotes in an engaging design.

words by lindsay – project manager

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