September 27, 2019


Hello everyone, it’s been a little bit since our last team journal and now summer has come and gone. As bittersweet as that is, we are really looking forward to a beautiful and life-giving autumn ahead! We wish you a lovely and relaxed weekend – enjoy reading our teams thoughts below!

What’s at the top of your to-do list this week?

Preparation for a workshop. -char, founder & ceo 

Building the bones of a client’s website. –lindsay, project manager

I have 2 logos we’ll be presenting to clients — so wrapping up all the fine details! –jena, art director

Prep for the workshop on Friday with a client of ours. –hailey, brand strategist

Culling through a photo shoot we had this past week a drywall company! – julia, content designer

Just got the scoop on a new photo shoot coming up next week -excitedly preparing for that! Creating a shot list, finding models, prop sourcing, creating a photo shoot timeline – all the fun details! – cherish, experience strategist

Autumn in 5 words- ready, set, go!

crisp air. local apples. warm sunshine. cool evenings. school schedule –char, founder & ceo

sweaters. sweaters. jackets. jackets. sweaters. –jena, art director

cozy evenings. fair food. transition. crisp air. cardigans. –lindsay, project manager

nostalgic. anticipation. sweaters. football. cozy. -hailey, brand strategist

hot tea. sweaters. sundays. cozy. change. -julia, content designer

bonfires. flag football. extra blankets. hot tea. fairs. –cherish, experience strategist

A project from this summer that left you with that on top of the world feeling

A workshop that created effective and insightful dialogue.  –char, founder & ceo

Was so happy to see Nitro Bar successfully launch after such a long season of preparing! –jena, art director

I was able to support with the design of a couple client websites. This is one of my favorite parts of the process – when every little detail comes together and a brand is showcased visually through web. –lindsay, project manager

 Each meeting with Vivace this summer has been amazing. We walked her through brand strategy and each meeting her brand became even more clear. I think that is one of my favorite highlights because I love seeing a wrestle turn into clarity and forward progress for the businesses we work with! –hailey, brand strategist

a photo shoot we did for Revolution that I was able to shoot – I absolutely loved the products and the overall vide they wanted to portray through the photo shoot. I really felt like I was able to get creative and loved the end result of the gallery we gave them! -julia, content designer

I loved the beginning to end process of working with Revolution. The color palette they chose, working with their amazing staff, seeing the end results of their beautiful jewelry styled on pretty and simplistic props was just such a rewarding experience. -cherish, experience strategist

We hope you enjoyed hearing from our team and getting to know us a little better! Comment below to let us know what you’d love to hear from us for future journals!

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