October 25, 2019


This Autumn season has had our schedule packed full with photoshoots the last couple weeks – so we thought why not give a sneak peak into a photoshoot we did earlier this year for the wonderful, Hamilton Wax Co. –  because well, what better way to celebrate autumn than to cozy up with a lovely scented candle.. Or five. 

For us, every photoshoot looks vastly different due to the wide range of businesses and products/services we photograph – yet we always start off every successful photoshoot the same way : lots of planning and preparing. Vision casting, inspiration searching and planning may sound unnecessary to some but we believe in the power of some good old fashioned preparation. For this particular photoshoot we prepared the art direction, with a focus on how to uniquely display the product itself . For a look into how the day flowed, keep reading!

7:30am – Arrive and set up backdrops, organize all of the props and products and of course brewing coffee. 

8:00am – Start Shooting! Styled Scent Shots : Our client really wanted to highlight a few of their best selling scents by using intentional props that spoke to the specific scents of each Candle to showcase the varied array of scent options.

For each scent we had written down all of the props we planned to use as well as the backdrop or texture. In doing so, it gave us a solid starting point for each candle but also enough freedom to let the creative juices flow and have a bit of fun with it while still making sure we get all of the photos we needed. 

9:30am – The first of many, quick, but very necessary snacks breaks. 

10:30am – Headshots of the business owner – We love a quality classic headshot but we also see this as a time to really showcase the personality of the business and who is apart of it!

11:30am – Next up, Product Shots! For this photoshoot the client also wanted clean, simple photos for the website. We came prepped and prepared for this with a list of all of the specific shots needed.

1:30pm – Additional stylized shots – this was a time to really get creative, we played with light and shadows as well we varied backdrops.

There is no better feeling than a successful photoshoot day – We are so grateful for all of our talented and inspiring Clients we have the privilege of photographing and working along side of. On that note, It’s time to light a candle and enjoy the weekend.

words by julia – content designer

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